Analyze “Neurogeology: The Anthropocene’s Inspirational Power” by Christian Schwägerl

Analyze “Neurogeology: The Anthropocene’s Inspirational Power” by Christian Schwägerl

Write an essay that uses the language of argument in “Making Good Arguments” and “Assembling Reasons and Evidence” to analyze how the authors build their argument. Clearly identify the issue under consideration and the context for the argument. Discuss how the different elements of the argument (main claim, sub-claims, reasons, evidence, warrants, qualifiers, and acknowledge and response) work together as a whole.

Do not judge, agree with, or argue against either the authors or their argument. Your main claim and reason must address how the authors use the elements of argument to construct an argument. I will look to see how

well you understand the academic argument as defined in the chapters from

The Craft of Research.

Follow MLA conventions for citations, format, and the Work Cited page. The Work Cited page is in addition to the minimum number of words. The incorrect use of MLA impacts paper grade.


Given the length of the assignment, an effective way to structure it is to sort the elements of argument in a way that makes sense to you. For example, you could create evidence groups called “historical,” “anecdotal,” and “pre-1990” and avoid discussing them one at a time.

Do not write an opinion piece of the article’s content or overall argument.

Do accurately convey the relationships of the elements of argument in the text.

Your main claim should address the text’s argument and be in the introduction.

Be sure to include a clear introduction that establishes context and a conclusion that ties up your argument.

Do not rehash or overly summarize the author’s argument.

Use the course language to identify the elements of argument used by the author.

Thorough papers will also address how the author acknowledges and responds to other perspectives or counterarguments.

Use specific textual evidence.

Do not use direct quotations for this assignment. You may paraphrase as long as you cite correctly.

Address how the author’s reasons and evidence support his or her main claim and


Support your analysis of the argument with appropriate evidence from the specified text.

Do not consult or use texts other than the one specified for the assignment.

Use the language of the course like main claim, subclaims, reasons, evidence, warrant, acknowledgement, and response in your paper. Identify any elements of argument that are missing from the text.

Review “Making Good Arguments” and “Assembling Reasons and Evidence” from

The Craft of Research in the Appendix and the MLA tab in

A Writer’s Reference as you write.

Do not cite these texts in your paper.

Do cite the author and include appropriate page numbers.

Include a MLA-style Work Cited page for each draft, which does not count toward the word minimum. Follow the directions for a Work Cited page in A Writer’s Reference

Do not exceed the maximum word length. Words over the maximum might not be read.

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