HUMS 105 Human Service Agencies in Government

HUMS 105 Human Service Agencies in Government

You will select one key agency at the State or Federal level that employs Human Services professionals. These agencies provide human services to individuals and communities within the United States. You are asked to conduct research on the agency as a whole and the services they provide. You are encouraged to use the Columbia College online library to provide additional research for your paper as well as using your course text.


  • In your paper address the following topics: 


  • Identify the location of the agency
  • Identify the population and communities the agency serves
  • Explain the facts and figures on the population they serve (e.g. age, race/ethnicity, disability/sex/religion)
  • Identify the mission and vision of the agency and  explain why they exist as an agency
  • Describe the type of services they provide to those they serve
  • Identify their funding sources (Where does the money come from to serve the population?)
  • And any other important information regarding the agency you want to share
  • Cite relevant concepts found in your textbook that relate back to the agency (e.g. perhaps they offer mental health services and you reference chapter 8 of the textbook discussion)


  • This assignment will be 7-8 pages inclusive to include: 


    • Title Page
    • Abstract Page
    • Content: Body of your paper must be a minimum of 4 -5 pages. Points will be deducted for going under.
    • Reference Page (APA formatted reference list)


  • In your paper you should cite the following sources:



  • APA and In-text Citations: 


Every paragraph of your paper must contain at least one in-text citation from your sources to support your assertions. The paper must reflect accurate application of all the referenced sources. In other words, you may not rely heavily on the textbook or just one article.

  • All sources must be properly formatted using APA style guideline 6th Edition.
  • Please note, all papers will go through Turnitin, so please beware that any paper with a matching report above 35% will lose 10 points and a matching report 45% or above will receive a zero on the assignment.


  • Submission: 


    • Once you complete the paper, submit in the drop box in D2L no later than 11:59 PM Week 7. Please name your paper with your Last Name, and First Initial. For example: Smith, J.

Research, Summarize and Present: Each student will select a news article that pertains to at least one topic outlined in that week’s Chapters and present the article and chapter topic to the class.

Week 3 Presentation: Chapter 4 or 13

Week 6Presentation: Chapter 6 or 11 

Students will present their current event in class on the assigned date addressing the following: 

HUMS 105 Human Service Agencies in Government

    • In class you will provide a brief summary of the current event article you selected, and then explain to the class how it relates to one of the chapters for that week. You have 5 minutes to present.
      • Next, you will present one opened-ended question to engage the class for a brief 2 minute discussion.


  • Total Presentation time per student should be no longer  7minutes for this assignment 


  • Be prepared to present the findings of the article to the class (do not read the article to the class; summarize major points). You will be graded on the subject matter i.e. the content and your overall presentation of the material.
  • The article should be dated within the last year (2019-2020)


  • You are responsible for choosing a relevant, credible, and appropriate news article (NO: blogs, editorials, opinion/commentary pieces, Wikipedia, etc., these are not credible). 


  • Examples of acceptable news sources: The Atlantic, NY Times, National Geographic, Washington Post, Economist, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Forbes, CNN, PBS, NPR, Science Direct, The Guardian Bloomberg, Politico, Reuters, Associated Press, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, etc.
  • Upload either a scanned copy of the article or the link to the article to the appropriate D2L drop box by 5:30 PM on the due date of the presentation.

MAKE NOTE OF THE LATE WORK / MAKE UP POLICY: Project planning, time management, and contingency planning are essential in all professional activity, not just academic coursework. Consequently, all assignments submitted after the deadline will receive zero points, this includes exams and class presentations. There are no alternate dates for presentations in this course unless you have a well-documented excuse. HUMS 105 Human Service Agencies in Government

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