Managing Global Supply Chain Written Report

Managing Global Supply Chain Written Report

The assignment is an individual 2500 word (maximum) written report that addresses a number of questions relating to management of the global supply chain within a selected case study. The details are set out below. Please read this document carefully and follow the guidelines provided.

Learning Outcomes: The assessment is designed to test the following learning outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding 

  • Conceptually link the supply chain with other management functions such as operations, marketing and purchasing.
  • Analyse and understand the strategic role of the supply chain in creating customer value and competitive advantage.
  • Understand the functions of logistics and procurement and relate these to the wider concept of supply chain management.
  • Evaluate the characteristics of supply chain structure and relationships and discuss their relevance to the organisational environment and performance.
  • Appraise the way in which demand and supply can be effectively matched within the global context. Qualities and attributes 
  • Apply concepts to analyse and evaluate supply chain performance and integration with other management functions. Evaluate the use of innovative supply chain management as a means of achieving superior customer value and matching demand with supply.

You will begin work in seminars to familiarise yourself with the case study and concepts, working towards formative assessment points


  • Smart Car and Smart Logistics (van Hoek, R. and Harrison, A., 2001)
  • 7-Eleven Japan (Chopra and Meindl, 2012)
  • Ikea (University of Staffordshire: International Supply Chain Management)


Formative exercise 1 – seminars of the week commencing Prepare the following with reference to your allocated company:

  • A draft map of the supply chain (including ‘upstream’ to manufacturing and materials

and downstream to distribution, information flow and even recycling). Use the convention of drawing a supply chain that will be introduced in the seminars.

  • An explanation of the roles of the main suppliers and customers.
  • Identification of the strategic priorities that might affect the way the supply chain is

managed. A house of quality leading to the identification of customer value.

Formative exercise 2 – seminars of the week commencing Evaluate your supply chain in the context of lean and agile supply; variation and uncertainty; standardisation and postponement; and buffering with inventory and capacity.

Managing Global Supply Chain Written Report

Step 2: Summative Assessment – individual report. 

Write a report of 2500 words maximum. Of this word count, the supply chain map and House of Quality are equivalent to 500 words, leaving 2000 words for the introduction, body and recommendations.

The introduction should briefly introduce the purpose of the report and the case organisation you have been allocated (a maximum of 200 words).

In the main body of the report, address the following questions, with reference to your allocated case study.

  1. Using the House of Quality explain how the supply chain of the lead organisation

contributes to customer value? From this identify the two most important operations (‘How’ the business operates); how do these operations support the strategic priorities and add value to the customer?

  1. How is the supply chain structured? Map out (in words and diagrams) the stages that

you can identify, the organisations involved in each stage and the functions they perform. How does the structure relate to the business’s strategic and competitive priorities? Within your discussion consider the role logistics.

  1. How do the concepts of variation, uncertainty, buffering mechanisms and postponement

relate to your case study supply chain?

  1. Given your understanding of the business, make comparisons with other case 

study companies and suggest some potential improvements that might enhance your case supply chain’s performance or competitiveness.  Managing Global Supply Chain Written Report

In your report: 

Use Verdana 10pt with 1.5 line spacing.

Include Supply chain models and theory to illustrate your answers.

Use a report format, including:

  • contents (not included in the word count)
  • a brief introduction (no more than 200 words),
  • main body
  • recommendations
  • a reference list (not included in the word count).

RELEVANT supporting evidence can be included in an appendix.

Citing and Referencing 

You are required to read with a focus on the purposes of the assessment and the learning outcomes being assessed. You must cite in the text any references used and provide full bibliographic details in your reference list using the NTU Harvard style.

Managing Global Supply Chain Written Report

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