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For this project you will select two people on social media and analyze their posts. You can use any standard and publicly available social media platform. (It MUST be something anyone can access publicly). One person must be over the age of 40, the other must be under the age of 25. Below is a list of content to look for, analyze, and explore. Select at least 20 posts from each person. You want to contrast these with the other. Some basic statistical analysis is helpful here. How many posts per day/week/month? What percent includes pics/selfies/links, etc.? How active are they? How long have they been on the platform? Things to explore:How often does the person post, compare to the other research subject?What is the difference in the posts? Length, Focus, TopicWhat do the different subjects focus on? Themselves, others, politics, family,community?What is the tone of the posts? Negative? Positive? Funny? Playful? Self-deprecating? Judgmental? Who are the posts directed at? People that know them? Strangers? Family, work colleagues, friends? What do you think is the ultimate goals of their posts? What is included in the posts? Hashtags? Pictures? Links?What is the difference in their grammar, spelling, general use of “proper” English?What are the differences in the use of slang? Overall inclusion of it, terms, etc.? Older slang (cool, dude, awesome, etc.) vs. newer styles (lit, AF, fam, IMHO, etc.). What about expressions? (bless his heart, etc.) If they include links of any kind, analyze the quality of those links. Are they unverified data? Links to reputable news sources, or unknown ones? Are arguments made based on YouTube videos, or other sources with no vetting? Do they use memes? Do they link to traditional media (news, broadcastTV, etc.) or newer forms (YouTube, other social media sites, etc.)?
All these things can then be analyzed in relation to their age, their gender, their education level, their geographic upbringing/location, their race/ethnicity, and on and on.

like most academic work, should include the following:
2.Project overview
The introduction should set the stage for the report. It’s not a time to explain the assignment(I know what that is, I wrote it). Rather, briefly highlight what you did, where, and why.In one short paragraph you are telling me what I will find going into your report. The project overview then expands this with more detail, information,and the critical info I need. It should also include some citations and mentions of existing literature you used in the project. This does not need to be extensive. The methods section tells me what methods you used. How did you collect and analyze this data? The data and findings section layout your argument and claims. This is the heart of your report and should constitute the bulk of your writing. The other sections are just setting the scene for this part. What do you discover? What is your argument? What did you document? This is the critical part. Lastly,the conclusion is NOT just restating what you already said. It draws the parts together, yes. But more important it suggests further research that could be done with more time/money/training. It may even speculate on other findings given those things. Or on ways that this research is flawed. All scholars admit that their research isn’t perfect. Maybe you’d find something different in a different field site, with a different population, a different set of questions. Maybe you think the things you saw are not typical. Why not? Explain all these things. This is a general template and you can adapt it to your needs.


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