Week 4 HUM 105 Rubric Hero Journey Presentation

Week 4 HUM 105 Rubric Hero Journey Presentation  
Content: 9 Points 9 Points
All key elements of the presentation are covered in a substantive way, comprehensive and accurate.1  Appropriate choice of hero figure (male or female)2  Genre,  title, author included3  Hero’s plight, feat, challenges and benefit to society described, including the steps of the journey:1 Initiation2 Separation3 Transformation4 Return4   Conflicts and choices made, personal vs. community5  Relevance of conflicts and choices to modern life6  Villain (antagonist) and role described7  Other archetypes and their roles described Includes1  Parallels with contemporary story and specific hero journey myth/legend/epic2 Analysis of symbolism, metaphor, attributes3 Appropriate research of story origins  
Organization / Development: 3 Point 3 Points
[if !supportLists]   [endif]10 to 16 slides with substantive speaker notes[if !supportLists]   [endif]A title and references page are included (can be in addition to presentation slides.)[if !supportLists]   [endif]Presentation is well-organized, clear, and effectively structured[if !supportLists]   [endif]Speaker notes accompanying presentation effectively guide the presentation without repeating the content in the slides.   
Mechanics: 3 Points 3 Points
[if !supportLists]   [endif]Slides are creative and informative[if !supportLists]   [endif]Background is helpful and not distracting[if !supportLists]   [endif]Font type and size is visually appealing, 
easy to read and not distracting[if !supportLists]   [endif]Images are appropriate and helpful in conveying information. Copyrighted images are cited.[if !supportLists]   [endif]All citations follow APA guidelines.[if !supportLists]   [endif]Rules of grammar, usage, spelling  and punctuation are followed.  
Total  15 Points  15 Points Earned

Create a 10- to 16-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes about a contemporary hero or heroine’s quest. Refer to the University of Phoenix Material: Help With Microsoft® PowerPoint® Assignments for additional help.

Pick a contemporary story in the form of a novel, movie, or video game that is inspired by a mythological epic or journey of a hero’s quest. Briefly describe the plight of the main character–the feat(s) he or she must execute for the benefit of society in the face of challenges.

Identify the villain and describe his or her characteristics and role in the hero’s quest.

Identify other archetypes within the story. Briefly describe these roles in the hero’s quest.

Identify in detail each of the steps the hero takes in the quest: initiation, separation, transformation, and return.

Research the mythological and cultural origins of the story. Explain parallels between the myth(s) and the contemporary story it inspired.

Analyze any mythological symbolism, metaphors, and attributes pertinent to the story. What real life elements might these items represent?

Explain the conflicts between personal desires and community responsibility represented in the myth and the contemporary story. Relate these to the conflicts and choices with which ordinary humans struggle. Explain why these human conflicts retain relevance through the ages.

Format your citations and references consistent with APA guidelines.


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